SKB Build Companies is committed to providing a safe work place for all of its employees and those of its subcontractors. No single facet of SKB Build’s operation is of greater importance.

SKB Build has an extensive history of taking measures to educate its workforce, insuring all projects operate under the safest possible conditions. A robust in-house safety program, headed by a dedicated, full-time Corporate Safety Director, works “day-in and day-out” with all levels of Hart personnel, clients and authoritative organizations to identify potential hazard(s) and rapidly mitigating their risk.

SKB Build has been recognized for the effectiveness of its safety program through its participation in the(Construction Health and Safety Excellence) partnership program.

The results of these efforts provide a safe work environment for our employees, and strongly affects the overall success of the SKB Build Companies. Our goal is accident-free work while providing the high level of quality that has been a trademark of the SKB Build Companies since its founding.